Clone the Repository

The first step is to clone the repository to your computer.

git clone

Navigate to the Project Directory

Move into the project directory where the cloned repository is located.

cd nextjs-typescript-tailwind

Install Dependencies

Install all required dependencies for the project.

yarn install

Run the Development Server

Start the development server to begin your project.

yarn dev


  • NextJS 14: Harness the power of the latest Next.js version, bringing you enhanced performance and exciting new features.
  • AppRoute Structure: Leverage the intuitive AppRoute pattern for organized and scalable routing in your Next.js applications.
  • Tailwind CSS: Stay on the cutting edge of styling with Tailwind CSS version 3, providing a utility-first approach for building modern designs.
  • Shadcn: Enhance your project with the sleek and modern shadcn component library.
  • TypeScript: Enjoy the benefits of static typing and improved developer experience with TypeScript.
  • ESLint: Keep your codebase clean and consistent with ESLint, ensuring high-quality code standards.
  • Prettier: Maintain code readability and aesthetics effortlessly with Prettier.
  • Lint-Staged: Optimize your workflow by running ESLint on pre-committed files with lint-staged.
  • Webpack/SVGR: Easily handle SVGs in your project with Webpack and SVGR integration.
  • Jest Testing Library React: Write robust tests for your React components using the Jest testing library.
  • Husky: Enforce quality checks and prevent bad commits with Husky, your Git hooks guardian.
  • Commitizen: Make your commits more meaningful and standardized with Commitizen.